Rehabilitation Standards Version 1.0

The UKRC Rehabilitation Standards, commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and part funded by the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives (SCHWL), have been drawn up in consultation with a Standards Advisory Group and underwent wide consultation at events across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Standards are intended for use by commissioners and users of rehabilitation services to help them choose the most appropriate service providers. The Standards illustrate the hallmarks of a good provider of rehabilitation services, and will assist potential users in making informed choices when selecting quality rehabilitation providers. The two accompanying Guides, one for purchasers and the other for consumers, provide support with making those choices.

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The DWP has asked that we monitor how many people collect the Standards and companion guides. Please, therefore, provide a few details below and the pdfs will be made available on the confirmation page for you to download.

As part of the Council’s future intention to evaluate usage and effectiveness of the Standards, we would like to contact you in the future. If you are agreeable to such contact, kindly provide us with your email address.

If you would prefer not to provide your details on this web page, please contact us at info@rehabcouncil.org.uk for alternative methods.

We promise to protect your personal details. They are sent to us and not stored online. We will not use them for any purposes other than UKRC business, and we will not provide them to any members of the UKRC.

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Printed copies of the Rehabilitation Standards

The UKRC has printed copies of the Standards and the companion guides available. If you would like to purchase a printed copy/copies, please select from the following:

A charge for handling and postage within the UK is included in the price quoted.

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