What geographical area does the UKRC cover?
The UKRC has been established to cover the whole of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Which groups are members of the UKRC?
The UKRC has a wide membership base including organizations and individuals from the health, insurance, third sector, private, legal and academic fields.

How is the UKRC funded?
The UKRC relies on funding from grants, government funding initiatives and sponsorship. Our move towards a membership organization will provide a small, but steady funding stream to cover some of the UKRC’s administration and running costs. We seek out initiatives that meet our values and strategic aims to fund specific pieces of work, such as the Rehabilitation Standards which were funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). We successfully applied for 3-year funding in 2008 under the Department of Health’s Third Sector Investment Programme.

How many Council members are there?
The current 15 Council Members are representative of all sectors involved in or with an interest in rehabilitation. The Council’s “bye-laws” allow it to elect up to 15 members and co-opt 5 members to fill any positions that may be required for specific tasks or to cover a particular expertise.

What is the UKRC?
The UK Rehabilitation Council is a community of rehabilitation associations, rehabilitation providers, clients and other stakeholder groups that provide a single voice for clinical and vocational rehabilitation in the UK. Our common goal is to ensure access to high quality medical and vocational rehabilitation services in the UK. The Council acts as an effective advocate for best practices, and supports excellence in services that will help sick and injured people, where possible, regain their independence and return to work.


What do I do if I have forgotten my login password?
Click on the forgot password link on the UKRC member's login page, and enter the requested information. Once you click submit, the password information will be sent to the email address you specified when you registered with the UKRC.

Are there any restrictions on individual membership?
There are no restrictions on who can join. It is also anticipated that some UKRC members may also be members of other bodies.

Are there any restrictions on affiliate membership?
Membership is open to all organizations with no restrictions on size.

Do I have to be residing in the UK to be a member?
Since membership is open to the public, individuals residing outside the UK are welcome to join.

What the benefits of individual membership?
Individual membership of the UKRC confers a number of benefits. These include: Entitlement to seek election to the Council Board; voting rights to elect Council Board members; regular information sent to a selected email address; priority place at the UKRC annual conference; a discount for fee paying events, where negotiated with partners; invitations to contribute to ‘Special Interest Groups’ to shape services; advance notice of forthcoming activities and developments.

Can I register as a member on a monthly or bi-annual basis?
The individual membership fee has deliberately been set low to encourage as many people as possible to become members. We also provided generous concessions for people already subscribing to other professional and trade bodies, and offer discounts up to 75% for people who use rehabilitation services. Due to the low membership fee, we are only able at this point to offer annual membership.

What are the types of UKRC membership?
There are two types of UKRC membership- Individual and Affiliate. Individual membership is open to all individuals with an interest in health and vocational rehabilitation and who wish to support the UKRC. Affiliate membership is available to all public, rrivate and not-for-profit bodies who wish to support and be associated with the UKRC.

What are the benefits of affiliate membership?
Affiliate membership of the UKRC confers a number of benefits. These include: Entitlement to propose an individual member for election to the Council Board; regular information sent to the organisation’s designated email address; invitations to contribute to ‘Special Interest Groups’ to shape services; membership of related Partner Special Interest Groups, and free display of the organisation's logo on our Affiliates page.

How can I become a member?
Membership of the UKRC is open to everyone. To become a member please click on the Subscribe link appearing at the top right-hand corner of the UKRC home page. You will be directed to a registration page, which needs to be completed with the required details.

UKRC Standards

What are the UKRC Rehabilitation Standards?
The UKRC Rehabilitation Standards illustrate the hallmarks of a good provider of rehabilitation services, and will assist potential users in making informed choices when selecting quality rehabilitation providers. The two accompanying Guides, one for purchasers and the other for consumers, provide support with making those choices.

Who should be using the UKRC Standards?
The Rehabilitation Standards are intended for use by commissioners and users of rehabilitation services to help them choose the most appropriate providers of these services.

UKRC Standards - Orders

How can I obtain a copy of the UKRC Standards and companion guides?
To purchase a printed copy/copies of the UKRC Standards or to download the Standards for free, click here.

Will you be able to post a printed set of UKRC Standards to a non-UK address?
Yes. To place an international order, please email info@rehabcouncil.org.uk  A charge to cover postage and handling will be applied.

How much will it cost for a printed set of the UKRC Standards?
To view the charges, click here. Please note a set includes the Standards and the two accompanying guides.

What do I do if I have problems purchasing the UKRC Standards online or if my order hasn't arrived yet?
Please email us at info@rehabcouncil.org.uk 

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