Vocational Rehabilitation in NHS Lothian

The “I’m VR” short film has been commissioned by Working Health Services Lothian. It introduces you to the people behind vocational rehabilitation – from occupational therapists, physiotherapists and counsellors to employers, employment rights advisers and GPs.

Work is now recognised as an important social determinant of health, and early intervention for a person off sick is critical if they are to successfully return to their job or to purposeful occupation.

“Vocational Rehabilitation is about helping a person with a health problem to gain, stay at, return to and remain in work – because satisfying work is the best route for most people to a healthy and fulfilling life.”
(Health Works: A review of the Scottish Government’s Healthy Working Lives Strategy, 2009)

For more information concerning any of the vocational rehabilitation services mentioned in this film, please call Working Health Services Lothian on 0131 537 9579

<a href="http://www.rehabcouncil.org.uk/ukrcfiles/NHS_Lothian_What_is_VR.flv">NHS Lothian What is VR.flv"</a>

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