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May 23, 2011 - Working Health Services: Evaluation of Projects in Scotland

This work, funded by the Scottish Government, commenced in 2008 in NHS Tayside and was followed in June 2009 by NHS Borders. Subsequent work was undertaken in July 2009 by NHS Lothian.  

These Services offered support to individuals working in small and medium-sized enterprises, who had a health condition that was affecting them at work.  The project offered a biopsychosocial model using case management and access to multi-disciplinary teams consisting of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological therapy/counselling.
The key findings of the report indicate it was successfully delivered in three geographical areas for between 12 and 24 months, in which time 1,247 cases were seen. Improvements in health were seen on discharge, as measured using standard health tools, and these were maintained at three and six months after discharge from the programme. Altogether, 83% of cases who were absent from work on entering the programme were at work at discharge.
Overall, the service was well received by clients, employers, GPs and other health professionals. Some of the components used in the 3 pilot projects were integrated into the DWP and Scottish Government funded work of Working Health Services Scotland.
To view the report, click here.

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