The Council

The UK Rehabilitation Council is a community of rehabilitation associations, rehabilitation providers, clients and other stakeholder groups. Our common goal is to ensure access to high quality medical and vocational rehabilitation services in the UK.

Acting as an umbrella organisation for this broad community, the Council has been established to provide a united voice on issues of importance to us. The Council seeks to coordinate the efforts of its members, in order that our combined efforts have the greatest possible impact.

We began our work in 2008 with financial support from the Department of Work and Pensions and from the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives.

Council Members are drawn from a broad segment representing sectors involved in or with an interest in rehabilitation.

Members of the Council as of 1 January 2012

Council Board Member Organisation
Andrew Pemberton Interim Chair
Consumer Category
 1 Victoria Mortimer-Harvey APRIL
2 Tom Balchin ARNI
3 Judy Gibson SCHWL
C-O Judith Allanson BSRM
Linked Professions
1 Alison Hook CCHS
2 Stephen Aspinall BASRaT
3 Olivia Carlton FOM/SOM
C-O Leonie Dawson CSP
1 Andrew Pemberton ArgR
2 Helen Merfield HCML
3 Anna Holder Bush&Co
C-O Nigel Shapcott BCUHB
1 Mark Baylis IUA
2 Mark Sharpe AVIVA
3 David Fisher AXA
C-O Susan Murray TUC
1 Erin Flood ABI
2 Andrew Frank VRA
3 Joy Reymond VRA
C-O Morag Heighway IPRS

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